I’m admining a Teen Wolf / The Vampire Diaries roleplay and we are desperately lookingfor a Klaus! Is there anyone who thinks playing a Klaus sounds fun? Please apply for his role over here :)

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there are two types of people in this world

  • people i can trust to help me hide a body 
  • people who are the body 
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Best reaction to noticing a typo ever.





Best reaction to noticing a typo ever.

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Full review for vamps-rp

First impression / Theme / Url

The first thing that came to mind was: gorgeous theme. I absolutely love it. The color scheme, the sidebar graphic, the font of the title; it all fits. The url is very simple and basic, which works for you. It is straight to the point and potential applicants know what to expect. No improvements needed here!


The character masterlist is gorgeous. I get really, really excited over seeing this. Amazing! The same goes for the bio graphics. Again, the color scheme works perfectly with the theme, the picture in the middle has a great font and look to it with some of the character’s facts. Seriously, the person who took care of the theme and graphics, you did one hell of a job.


The plot is incredibly interesting and very original. I have seen a lot of vampire roleplays, as I admin one myself, but you have taken the concept of vampires and made it yours. I love the incorporation of different being as well, like witches, undead, hunters, which gives it a lot of variety. I think the roleplay community misses a roleplay based on vampires but without being within a fandom, which is so unique and downright brilliantly written, and you have just stepped up and set the bar.

Bio’s / FC’s

I like the FCs a lot. While most of them are used in quite a bit of roleplays, they aren’t too overused and the few fairly underused FCs balance it out nicely. I would add a few more POC in there, just to mix it up a bit.
The bio’s give a very good insight on the characters. The lengths are consistent and just right. I honestly can’t say anything else about this. Well done.


The admin(s) seem perfectly lovely and helpful! There isn’t a specific page about them, which is fine, so I’ll take what I can from the answered asks. It seems like the admins are really stoked for this roleplay, which is really important! That’s what keeps the main page, and there for the whole roleplay, going.

Would I recommend

Abeolutely, 100% yes.

This roleplay gets a 9,5/10 from me, because this is so close to perfection it brings me to tears.


Full review for vamps-rp

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themavericksrpg whispered:
Hello, we were just wondering if we could please get a full review from you? We'd really appreciate it, thanks for your time!

Adding it to the to do list!

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vamps-rp whispered:
Hi, you posted that you do reviews? Would you mind giving us a full review please?

Absolutely, love! It is coming right up. 

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redcarpetrpg whispered:
hi carmen! can i please have a shoutout? i'm trying to find a bio admin & graphic admin for a roleplay i want to start. thank you! x

Definitely! Help Michelle out and apply as co-admin!

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onechancerpg whispered:
Hello There, Do you mind shouting us out? we're a new Supernatural Roleplay based off of the Vampire Academy Series. We're still writing bio's but you can come by and check us out.

Check them out!

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Need a review done? I’m your girl. I do both first look reviews and full reviews!

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